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We sell income-not just apartments

New Nordic Development has been in Pattaya Real Estate market for 14 years already. The whole town of nearly 50 New Nordic Buildings grew up in these years in Prqatamnak. Although there is no aggressive marketing, the company enjoys great trust of the customers which other developers could envy. What is New Nordic? New Nordic Development has been in the market for 14 years already. Kurt Svendheim, the company's CEO, is a citizen of Norway. Every day he comes to office and visits every project under construction. I believe this is the reason of the company's success: there is a zealous owner who personally controls everything from construction to sales. He defines the price policy and approves each unit's design. So here lies the secret of your projects quality, does…
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Buying property in Thailand

It may seen that there is no difference whether to buy a house or an apartament in Thailand or just anywhere else, but the whole process of purchase and reg-istration differs greatly from the usual formalities in Russia. Now to find The Pattaya market is not very transparent and, at first glance, it seems chaotic. An abundance of agents with the same offers, price differences, and outdated information are common. Choose reputable agents (the agency fee is paid by the seller anyway) with updated databases. Normally the members of REBA ES (East Coast Real Estate Brokers and Agents) are experienced and qualified. House or condo Choosing a house or an apartment depends entirely on the owner's lifestyle and the acquisition and legal registration nuances. Often our compatriots are buying a…
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Tropical Garden on Pratamnak Hill

Construction of Tropical Garden, the seventh and largest of oll the projects by the finnish developer Siam Oriental, is in full swing. The company will complete the new development by the end of the year. There is no ground for any doubts that the terms will be respected as over the past 10 years in the Pattaya real estate market Siam Oriental has never failed its customers and has earned an excellent reputation. All of his projects is a good investment by renting the apartments. On the Hill Similar to all the other company's projects the Tropical Garden is located in the most pleasant and verdant area of the city, the Pratamnak Hill, between Soi 4 and 5. One of the best beaches in Pattaya is just 150 m away.…
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